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History of Saman Plast Aria

Saman Plast Aria Company aims to serve the packaging industry in the field of bottle cap production with expert technical staff and 10 years of experience in the preform and bottle cap production industry with the most advanced machines in a land area of 4200 square meters and production halls with total 2000 square meters was established in compliance with all health requirements and now this company has been ranked among the largest producers in the Middle East with daily production of more than 3,000,000 bottle caps and with the ability to increase production. The honor of working with most reputable production companies in the beverage, food and health industry is a golden leaf in this company’s record.

Door injection machines were purchased from Germany’s KRAUSS MAFFEI and Switzerland’s NETSTAL, which are among the top manufacturers of injection machines in Europe and the world and are competitors in terms of production volume and low quality, and the best molds are installed on these machines.

Production unit machinery

Licenses of Saman Plast Aria


The above devices support a variety of molds and the possibility of producing doors in different sizes is provided, so that this company is able to produce doors in the sizes of opening 25/29 (short neck), opening 30/25 (normal neck) and opening 28 (gasband) , has a water seal). The molds used in the factory are manufactured by Z-Mould and Erwesreifenberg companies in Germany.

Other production unit equipment