Who we are

We are a leading company in the field of producing bottle caps. Our company was created with the aim of providing production services of all kinds of bottle caps in various openings and applications, relying on the 30-year experience of our managers and knowledge of equipment. Supplying beverage caps in high consumption openings of the food industry was one of the main objectives of the company’s establishment, and gradually other high consumption openings in the health industry were taken into consideration, and in this regard, 24 flip top opening caps were also added to the products.

Why us?

We create a work environment that preserves people’s safety and health. Customer needs shape our priorities. We will be good stewards of the resources needed to achieve business goals. We continuously discover and implement new ways to improve our global environmental impact. We will show respect to those we associate with in our words, actions, and the challenges we set. We encourage our employees to use their diverse skills and experience to identify and solve problems that lead to improved business performance. We will identify and implement unique solutions and increase our speed and focus in collaboration with customers and suppliers.